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Country Fruits founded in 2017, started working to strengthen fruit and vegetable trade by offering producers, wholesalers and retailers a long-term partnership aimed at improving profitability in the supply chain for fruit and vegetables on a unique principle: the chain that is fresh, simple and closer with its all too obvious advantages.

Fruits are a rare combination of taste and nutrition and we are specialized exotic fruits like Soursop, Durian, Rampton, Mangusteen, Star fruits, Mangos, Jamun fruits and all kind of seasonable fruits.


  • To be recognized as a leading distinctive brand of fresh and quality fruit and juice makers offered to customer at the most reasonable , affordable prize.
  • To Provide a healthy, tasty and refreshing experience with our natural fruit & Fruit juices to take away.
  • To serve and satisfy the nutrition needs of healthy conscious consumers through the high quality of our products.

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